About Us

Welcome to Equicenter

Equicenter has been developed to meet a need for a safe platform for equestrians. It’s more than an advertising space. We will also help to promote you adverts outside of the platform and to help you with additional features along the way.

A safe platform

All adverts will be monitored and future release stages will enable you to buy legal contracts to ensure that each party is aware of their risks and obligations with any transaction. Sellers will also be able to verify their identities so when buyers see a seller has been verified, then can have comfort that they know who they are buying from.


We recognise that our success is based on your success. Therefore, we will endeavour to assist you in achieving your desired result with your advert. This could include assisting with drafting the advert, to promoting it outside of Equicenter. As Equicenter is a new platform, we will be promoting it widely to attract buyers.

Special features

Future releases we will bring special features such as calendars so horses for sale can show where they will be competing, a link to any relevant documents and due diligence reports (for equestrian properties and businesses), verification of identities for sellers and legal assistance if required during the process from Equilegal (an equine law firm).
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Designed to make the adverts the prime focus.


Support staff ready to assist in all aspects of this site.


Future special features not available on other sites.


Mindfully created for non-technologically savvy users.