I’m having trouble registering.

We would be very happy to help you to register. Please feel free to email us at admin@equicenter.com.au or to send us a message from the bottom of the home page and we can assist you with your registration and advertising.

Can I have help to write a good advert?

We can assist you with this.  You can send us a message through the website and we can help you from commenting on photos you want to use through to drafting the text for you.

What happens if I have no luck with my advert?

Our success is based on your success so we will do everything we can to assist you in having a successful advert. If you have not had luck within the first month, it may be worth changing your photos and text to try a different approach and have fresh appeal.

What is the difference between featured adverts and standard ones?

Featured adverts more prominent in their position and are shown as larger adverts when searching.  They are also shared and featured on our Facebook page. Currently all of our adverts are free and we are giving feature and standard adverts to any advertisers.

Do I need to use one of Equicentre’s legal documents?

No, it’s not a requirement to purchase a legal document, but it is recommended that you use a legal document for your protection.

What is the benefit of using a legal document?

There are many benefits for both parties. A legal document sets out clearly what the rights and obligations are of each party.  This can assist in protecting the parties and reducing the risk of disputes. You should seek the advice from a legal professional in relation to this.

What is VOI?

VOI is a verification of your identity. By verifying your identity when selling an item, you will receive a badge which will identify you as a seller who has been identified.  This may give a buyer comfort that they are buying from a genuine and identified seller.

What is an EI Member?

An EI Member is a person who works within the equestrian industry, and therefore may have a need to use this site on a more regular basis.

What is the benefit of being an EI Member?

EI Members who are repeat users may receive discounts on the products and services we offer.